Who’s in Right?

Since the end of the season the Sox right field picture has looked hazy. With several options no one knows where Bobby, Ben, and the Sox will go.

Interal Options

Ryan Kalish: Kalish was the favorite to land the opening day nod until today. Today he annoucced he had surgery on his throwing (left) shoulder. Once he’s fully healthy which, will be in May or July, he’ll most likely start a rehab stint in Pawtucket then platoon in right.

Ryan Sweeney: Sweeney was part of yesterday’s Andrew Bailey trade. Sweeney is an average outfielder, but don’t expect to see him out there opening day. The reason I say that is because he’s a lefty who can’t hit lefties, the oposite of what the Red Sox need. I expect him to be an effective fourth outfielder.

Darnell Mcdonald: Mcdonald is a longshot, and even that’s an understatment. He’s just not good enough to start everyday. Maybe Bobby will surprise us, but I doubt it.

Free Agents

Johnny Damon: How crazy would it be if Johnny Damon came back. He’s not a horrible fit, but he still doesn’t work well. If he comes back he’ll recive mixed review and heavy scrutiny from the fans. I’m not a Damon hater anymore, but he’s a questionable fit.

Coco Crisp: Here’s another former Sox who could return. I loved Coco when he was Sox. He brings a great attitude and a quality bat to the team I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in Boston.

Ryan Spilborghs: Spilborghs is a great fit in Boston. He’s a cheap effective outfielder. I really wanted the Sox to get him at the deadline, but now they can get him to play everyday in 2012. He’d make an excellent right fielder.

Cody Ross: Ross had huge expectations for a contract only to have them shattered. This is where the Sox come in. Once his asking price is reasonable they could pick him up. Ross is a guy with warning track power so he’d benefit from playing at Fenway. I’m not a huge fan but if he produces I won’t complain.

Trade Market

Seth Smith: I like Smith. He’s a lot like his former teammate Ryan Spilborghs. A cheap effective outfielder. Smith is a better player then most of the guys above, but he’d cost prospects which isn’t ideal.

Carlos Quentin: Quentin is the best player on this list without a doubt. He’s a fantastic hitter who brings a lot to a club. He’s a perfect fit, provided that he can handle the strange right field corner. The only stipulation is it’s via trade so it takes something to get something. I’d like to see him playing for the BoSox, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

If you any questions or ideas e-mail me at tricher00@gmail.com or send me a tweet @thebestsoxblog.



  1. Brian Malenke

    I believe the Red Sox are very high on Ryan Sweeney. I think he’s most likely a bridge to a future free agent pickup on a long term deal. If Sweeney plays well, he may just earn an everyday spot in the Bosox lineup for years to come. It’s pretty much all upside!

  2. Nick Dowling

    First time reading this thanks to ESPN link. What a lame blog. Lots of assertions (several downright dumb) and no analysis or insight.

    Damon and Crisp as RFs? Have you seen these guys throw the ball? C’mon.

    So you like Spilborghs and Smith. Care to tell us why and how? Your opinion doesn’t really carry weight with new readers until you demonstrate some analytical goodness.

    Sorry ESPN, this one isn’t ready.

  3. Francisco

    you are missing marlon byrd and someone I think could be the best platoon player along with sweeney: Andruw Jones. If the BoSox go in the platoon direction, Jones is the man. If we go with an stablished man, then we should get Quentin or Byrd.

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