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Youkilis Changes His Sox

Lately the blog as been pretty inactive, but I have a legitimate reason for it.  I’ve been in Chicago the past few days (fittingly enough) but I thought this was big enough story to attempt to write about it.

Yesterday after the Red Sox 9-4 win against the Braves, Kevin Youkilis was traded to the Chicago White Sox for Zach Stewart and Brent Lillibridge. Youkilis ended his Red Sox career in style. He hit an RBI triple and left for a pinch runner. He walked off blowing kisses and giving hugs to all the players. He was 2-4 overall on the day in one of his best games of the year. He’ll definitely be missed, but we couldn’t keep juggling the lineup around and Middlebrooks needing ABs something had to be done.

Now to talk about what we got in return. The guy whose going to have an immediate impact is Brent Lillibridge. Lillibridge is a poor mans Nick Punto, but he provides something that the Sox have shown they need, depth. With Dustin Pedroia hurting another infielder off the bench has been needed and Lillibridge will provide that. Will he play much? No, but he’s there for precautionary reasons.

Zach Stewart is the more valuable guy in the trade. He’s a 25 year old swingman who Cherrington has decided to make him a starter. The White Sox had the opposite idea. They wanted him to be a reliever. He made 15 appearances for the South Siders including one start with a 6.00 ERA before getting sent down. He’s going immediately into Pawtucket’s rotation and we’ll see if he can make his way back up to the majors. He could be an asset down the line or just a bust. We’ll see. But what makes Stewart so valuable is the fact that he has two options left.

Overall I think its a decent trade that adds much needed depth.