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Sox Sign Carlson

Today it was annoucced that the Boston Red Sox signed Jesse Carlson. Carlson is a left handed reliever whose spent all of his career with the Toronto Blue Jays. He’s coming off rotator cuff surgery and he hasn’t pitched since 2010. I don’t really understand the move. He’s not needed and he’s not healthy. He might not even make the roster and I doubt he will. So far Cherington hasn’t impressed me with anything he’s done.


Offseason Ideas: Will the Sox Go After Yu?

Nathan Conley said:
 Bobby V Wants “Yu” | bit.ly/vkgFDd
Will the #RedSox
 pursue Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish? via @ArmchairReport

Yu Darvish is a phenomenal Japanese pitcher. He does have some character issues but I don’t think they’d translate over into America. The only problem is he might not get posted.

Pros: Bobby Valentine has seen him throughout most of his career and knows how talented he is. Also Darvish would be most comfortable with the Red Sox considering they have Valentine, Dice-K, and their past history with Japanese players. That being said he’d thrive the most in Boston, but there are some issues.

Cons: Darvish won’t sign unless he gets more than Dice-K. He considers it an insult if he doesnt, which I think is a little ridiculous. Also Darvish fears he won’t adapt to the MLB and ruin his career like so many other Japanese pitchers.

Verdict: Darvish would be a positive for the Sox. Sadly his price might be too high. The posting fee plus the contract would be a huge payroll hit. I don’t see it hapening, but Cherington may surprise me.

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Papi’s Coming Back

David Ortiz is going to accept arbitration. So unless they trade him (which is highly unlikely) he’s back. Offering him arbitration was just flat out stupid in my opinion. Cherington put Papi in the drivers seat rather than him. Now there’s no way out of overpaying a guy whose status is an enigma. Nobody knows if he’ll hit over .300 or under .250. He might hit 30 home runs or 10. He might even put up an Adam Dunn type year. I love Papi, but there’s a point where you have to draw a line and mine’s been drawn, but obviously the Sox haven’t. Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong but I don’t know if he has that in him.

Papelbon Signs With the Phils

Today the Sox lost a valuable part of their bullpen in Jonathon Papelbon. He signed with the Philles for 4 years and $50 million. I’m glad the Sox didn’t go way over for him, but the ninth inning will never be same without Pap finishing out the game. Now the Sox have to go out and find a new closer or use an in-house option. I’ll write an article about today or tommorow.

Mets Willing to Deal Wright

The New York Mets said today that they’d listen to offers on third baseman David Wright. The Red Sox are also considering moving their third baseman, Kevin Youkilis. If they do end up trading away Youk the Sox would definitely entertain the possibility of trading for Wright. The question is would it be the right move for the Sox to add Wright? As with everything there’s pros and cons. You could look at his impressive résumé  at a fairly young age (30) or his recent drop off in productivity the past two years and his concussion history. The problem with his productivity has a lot to do with the spacious Citi Field which has given all of they Mets power hitters problems (i.e. Jason Bay). But that’s not the only reason. He has performed poorly on the road too. Last year he batted over .300 in only two ballparks [min. 30 ABs] Nationals Park (.324) and Citizen Bank Park (.395). It’d be quite the gamble, but it could pay huge dividends.

Scutaro Coming Back, Atch and Wheeler Shown the Door

I know this is late, but it’s been tough to write lately. Anyways, yesterday was the deadline for teams to accept or decline player options. The Red Sox had to make three decisions on their options. Marco Scutaro, Scott Atchison, and Dan Wheeler’s statuses were up in the air. The Sox made the decision to keep Scutaro and let Atchison and Wheeler go. It was the right move to make because Scutaro was very productive player in his two years here and Wheeler and Atchison had seasons to forget. Hopefully they’ll find work somewhere, which they probably will considering they still have something left to offer to a big league club.