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Free Falling

This September we watched 2 of the 3 biggest collapses in MLB history thanks to the Red Sox and Braves. Although the Sox squandered a larger lead was their collapse worse than Atlanta’s? They had both pretty much clinched a playoff spot when September began, but slowly their leads vanished, and now neither will be playing in October. Both had the injury bug hit them hard with Atlanta losing their top 2 starters plus missing their top hitter most of the season, and pretty much everyone on the Sox was banged up in someway. The injuries played a huge roll in falls, but to be completely blamed. The managers have to take some the heat for not rising to the occasion and leading their clubs. Instead they watched them fall apart before their eyes. Also the GMs are also at fault. The Sox had glaring holes in the corners of the outfield, and both clubs could of used some added pitching depth. Lastly the players should feel awful about themselves for the way they played. Some games they let slip away and others weren’t even close. It seemed like whenever they were hitting good, they pitched bad, and whenever pitched good, they hit bad. Everyone let each other down. But the real question is whose collapse was worse? In my opinion I’d say the Sox. They had the bigger lead therefore the bigger fall. What do you think?


Rays Rally, Pap Falters, and Sox Playoff Hopes Dashed

This season has certainly had it’s ups and downs, but nothing is worse than going out the way the Sox did. It looked like there’d at least be a one-game playoff, but somehow the Rays pulled off an amazing comeback. Then it appeared the Sox were going to at least tie with the Rays, but with two outs back to back doubles and walk off single killed all hope. Now this Red Sox team will be remembered forever as the team with the biggest collapse in baseball history.

Still Tied

The good news today is that the Red Sox won, but once again the Rays beat the Yankees. Both teams are now 90-71. Tomorrow Jon Lester takes on Alfredo Simon in the Sox-O’s season finale. The Rays have David Price going for them tomorrow, and the Yankees are yet to pick a starter for tomorrow’s game. The Sox should be able to get to Simon rather easily, and if Lester pitches anywhere close to his best the Sox should be fine. In the Yanks-Rays game the Rays will have a huge upper hand thanks to David Price. It appears that the Sox and Rays will tie and play in Tampa on Thursday.

All Tied Up

After tonights 6-3 loss to the Orioles the Red Sox have fallen into a first
place tie with the Rays for the Wild Card. It’s hard to envision the Sox making it to the playoffs now following yet another devastating loss. The Sox are going to have to rely on Erik Bedard and Jon Lester, because they have the offense, but the pitching has struggled mightily all month. Also the Yankees won’t be wasting any of their top pitchers in the final two games of the season so the Rays will probably feast on their young pitchers. Whereas the Orioles are just trying to make their record look a little better and have nothing to lose. If things continue the way they’re going the Sox will stumble through the final two games while the Rays cruise.

Playoff Push

To start off I’d like to apologize for my absence. I was unable to write for the past several weeks.

Now onto the Red Sox. The Sox are doing all they can to make the postseason. Last nights win was a huge lift to the team despite the Rays gaining a game. Also earlier this week the Sox tried to trade for Mets lefty Chris Capuano.  It showed their desperation and lack of faith in rotation. There are reports that they are still trying to bring in another starter to start Wednesday’s season finale, but that appears to be doubtful. So the Sox will have to make due with what they have as they try to fend off the Rays.