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Game 11: Vs. Rays

Buchholz (2-0) v. Cobb (1-0)


Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz during an...

Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After yesterday’s exciting win that I failed to review the Sox had momentum swinging in their favor. Could it carry over into today’s game? Maybe it did, but maybe it didn’t.


Clay Buchholz was as good as he’s ever been. He was dominate in every way possible. There really isn’t any other way to sum  up his performance. He had a career high 11 strikeouts and had no hitter going into the eighth. The no hitter was broken up by a broken bat bloop single by Kelly Johnson. He would give up another hit in the inning, a double to Desmond Jennings, but kept the shutout going for all 8 innings he pitched. Andrew Miller would finish off the game with a strong ninth.

On the other side Alex Cobb was very good, but not great. He struggled in the third and didn’t get much help from the defense which lead to a 4 run third for the Sox. Other than that Cobb pitched very well for 6.2 innings giving up 4 runs with only 3 earned. Jamey Wright finished off the game allowing one run in 1.1 innings of work.

In the end the Sox came out on top with a 5-0 win over the Rays for their second straight win. They’ll have the chance to go for their first sweep of the season tomorrow in the early 11:05 Patriot’s Day game. It’s also Jackie Robinson Day so everyone will be wearing number 42 jerseys.

11 games down 151 to go



Red Sox Fire Bobby Valentine

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since I last made a post, but now that the offseason is about to begin and there’s finally something positive to talk about. First, though, there is some negative news. As all of you probably know the Red Sox have fired manager Bobby Valentine. After the second worse season (record wise) change appeared to be necessary. the interviewing process for a new manager has already begun with Dodgers first base coach Tim Wallach. Padres special assistant Brad Ausmus, Orioels third base coach and former Red Sox bench coach Dermarlo Hale, and Yankees bench coach Tony Pena are all schelduled for interviews for the posistion as well. There’s likely a number of people that will also be thrown into the fray such as Rays bench coach Dave Martinez and Tigers third base coach Gene Lamont, who was also a finalist for the managerial position as well.
Hopefully this year Larry Lucchino will step back a bit and allow Ben Cherrington to pick his own manager this year so that there isn’t that same discord between the manager and the front office and ownership as there was this year with Bobby V. Also it’d be helpful if this manager is allowed to pick his own staff so that he doesn’t feel undermined by the staff again like Bobby V was. All in all what I’m saying is that the process was heavily flawed last year and it played out very poorly in front of our eyes. This year there should be major changes in the way the team goes about picking the next manager.

Winning For the First Time

For the first time this year the Boston Red Sox have had a winning record. They may still be in last, but they’re only a 1/2 game from fourth and if the score of the Yankee game holds they’ll be a game behind the Yankees for third in the division. The Sox have been playing really well lately and if it keeps up they could be in first very soon. Today to get over the .500 they had to take down Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers. I’ll be honest I didn’t have much faith, especially with Bard starting, but they pulled it out with a 6-3 victory knocking out Verlander after just 6 innings. Bard pitched decently, he went 5 1/3 giving up 2 runs on 5 hits. He didn’t dominate, but he got the job done. Even though he was able to pick up his 5th win (4th as a starter) I’m still not in love with him as a starter, as I’ve mentioned before. I guess I’m warming up to him a little because he’s winning, but I still turn into a head vase when I watch him pitch. All in all the game was good, Nava had a great AB every time he stepped in the box, Papi was huge, and the bottom of the lineup contributed some key hits as well.
Now that I’m done recapping the game I’d like to talk about my absence from the blog. It  was just pure laziness in case you wanted to know. Now to prevent that I’m setting up a schedule almost to keep me on track a little bit. Every Sunday I will preview the week ahead for the Sox, on Thursdays I will write an opionion article, and lastly I’m going to some kind of rant where I’ll  usually just complain about what’s wrong with the team, but offer no real solution. I don’t have a date set for those, but any ideas would be welcome in the comments below or on twitter @thebestsoxblog. So that’s pretty much it. Good night  and thank you for wasting your time on my blog.

Slow Start

At this moment it feels like the end of world in Red Sox Nation, but with 151 games left that’s hardly the case. It’s not too surprising the Sox have got off to such a slow start. With the exception of Toronto they’ve only played playoff teams’ and Toronto could be headed there this year. I do realize that even with the schedule so far most expected more, but with pitching problems left and right it doesn’t appear that it’ll be resloved quickly. So far my top starter is Felix Doubront, because he hasn’t had a bad outing yet. And the pen isn’t anything special either as Mark Melancon has been nothing short of a disaster and Aceves has struggled so far. Vincete Padilla is the only guy whose shown some level of consistency out of the pen. I think at this point things can only get better, but they need guys to perform how they’ve performed throughout their careers. Any hitting problems will fix themselves, at this all we need to do is fix the pitching.

Rays Rally, Pap Falters, and Sox Playoff Hopes Dashed

This season has certainly had it’s ups and downs, but nothing is worse than going out the way the Sox did. It looked like there’d at least be a one-game playoff, but somehow the Rays pulled off an amazing comeback. Then it appeared the Sox were going to at least tie with the Rays, but with two outs back to back doubles and walk off single killed all hope. Now this Red Sox team will be remembered forever as the team with the biggest collapse in baseball history.

Still Tied

The good news today is that the Red Sox won, but once again the Rays beat the Yankees. Both teams are now 90-71. Tomorrow Jon Lester takes on Alfredo Simon in the Sox-O’s season finale. The Rays have David Price going for them tomorrow, and the Yankees are yet to pick a starter for tomorrow’s game. The Sox should be able to get to Simon rather easily, and if Lester pitches anywhere close to his best the Sox should be fine. In the Yanks-Rays game the Rays will have a huge upper hand thanks to David Price. It appears that the Sox and Rays will tie and play in Tampa on Thursday.

All Tied Up

After tonights 6-3 loss to the Orioles the Red Sox have fallen into a first
place tie with the Rays for the Wild Card. It’s hard to envision the Sox making it to the playoffs now following yet another devastating loss. The Sox are going to have to rely on Erik Bedard and Jon Lester, because they have the offense, but the pitching has struggled mightily all month. Also the Yankees won’t be wasting any of their top pitchers in the final two games of the season so the Rays will probably feast on their young pitchers. Whereas the Orioles are just trying to make their record look a little better and have nothing to lose. If things continue the way they’re going the Sox will stumble through the final two games while the Rays cruise.