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Was it Worth it?

Jackie Bradley Jr.

Jackie Bradley Jr. (Photo credit: paul.hadsall)

Jackie Bradley Jr. hasn’t exactly been a star so far this year, yet the Red Sox have been just fine without production from him. For all the people who said that he could be the difference between making the playoffs or missing them by a game or two. I think it’s safe to say that that point of view has been proven to be incorrect. Now that leads to the question, was all that trouble even worth it? It’s already started to take it’s toll and it hasn’t exactly benefited anyone. Bradley has gotten a good look at major league pitching and now knows he can’t hit it, but other than that the Red Sox or any of their players have had any benefit from this.

I was shocked when I saw the headline on MLBTR and found out Mauro Gomez had been claimed by the Toronto Blue Jays. A capable Major League bat gone out of the Sox system because of Bradley. This could haunt the Sox especially if injuries start to pile up for the Sox like they have in the past. It also adds depth to the enemy which is never good. It may seem like I’m making a big deal over spilt milk, and that may be the case, but it could turn into something more. With the recent luck of the Sox I’d bet that it will become something bigger. Hopefully I’m wrong, but I’m still a little nervous about this whole situation.

Another issue is the service clock. It has begun for JBJ and it seemingly has gone to waste. I realize he’ll likely be sent down and we’ll still have control in 2019 but these few games could be the difference between him being a Super Two or having just the regular 3 years of arbitration. That could help save a few million dollars in the future which is always nice. Would those few millions be worth the few games he’s played thus far and some September games? I’d say no at this point. Which leads back to the question is it worth it?

Now it’s not all bad. The experience Bradley has gained is invaluable and when he does eventually gets sent back down, he’ll know exactly what to work on to get better and become a great major leauger. Despite all of that we are still left with that underlying question that’ll always remain; was it worth it?


Deadline Preview

Today is one of my favorite days of the year, the MLB non-waiver trade deadline. Today many deals will be made, one was already done, but I’m here to discuss what the Boston Red Sox may do before 4 P.M. today.

Now the Sox are stuck in the in between spot where it could be buy or sell. Someone who could very likely go is backup catcher Kelly Shoppach. Shoppach has blocked Ryan Lavarnway all year, but he’s said to be ready and they want him up now. The Mets and Nationals have been most involved in talks for Shoppach, but other teams could take a shot a great defensive back up catcher. The only problem is that the Sox value his defense, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Lavarnway being far behind Shoppach defensivelly Salty could be the catcher that’s moved. If Salty is shopped I think they’ll be more interest and a greater return. Either way I expect one of them to be moved and Lavrnway to be recalled today.

Now the biggest name that the Red Sox have shopped around is Josh Beckett. It was said that the Sox called the Texas Rangers and Atlanta Braves about Beckett, but the Braves weren’t a fit due to salary concerns and talks with Texas are said to be dead. The odds are he’s moved today are very, very small, but trades can still be made in August and Beckett will pass through waivers so watch out for a deal around mid to late August.

Outfielders could be on the market too. Ryan Sweeney, Cody Ross, and Scott Podsednik could all be in play today. Last night Sweeney likely took himself off the market by injuring his hand by punching a door which will hold him out for 8 weeks so he’ll likely stay put. Ross is also unlikely to stay as well, because of his huge contributions and he’s also a great clubhouse guy. Now Podsednik is the most likely to be moved, but interest is minimal so he may also stay as a depth guy. Any of the 3 have a chance to go, but I’m not expecting anything. Like Beckett, they may be moved in August especially if the Sox fall completly out of contention for the final wild card spot.

Now on to the fun part, what the Sox could acquire. The biggest need is starting pitching and there’s plenty of it. Matt Garza, Ryan Dempster, and Josh Johnson are the best pitchers available, but I don’t think the Sox are in on any of them. But the Cubs say the Dodgers are out on Dempster and the Yankees and a mystery team which could be the Red Sox. Another guy who could be picked up is Joe Blanton, but it looks like the Orioels may have him. Now two guys who I really like for the Sox are Jason Vargas and former Boston Red Sox Justin Masterson. Both are young controllable arms who post quality numbers. They’d both provide a huge boost to the rotation which is desperately needed. The difference between the two is just that Vargas is a lefty and Masterson is a righty. Vargas has been the better of the two this year but Masterson is having a down year, but he could get a boost from a change of sceenary. The Sox have been higher on Masterson probably because he came up through the Sox’s system, but either guy would be huge.

Now this part is pure speculation at this point, but I love this idea. Stephen Drew to the Red Sox. It had been discussed, but nothing has really come together, yet. Drew would be a great piece to add to the lineup which would help propel this team forward. Plus the Diamondbacks are shopping him so something could go down.

The Start of Something Big?

The Red Sox looked good tonight in a win over the Marlins for the second straight win putting them in a tie  for fourth with the Toronto Blue Jays. They batted around in the eighth and were  7 for 10 with runners in scoring position. This has to be the start of a huge run that puts them in the playoff race, otherwise this  season may not be able to be salvaged. Right now it looks bleak, but if they can ride this momentum it could be huge.
Tommorow the Sox have an off day before  they go to Wrigley to face the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs have the second worst record in the MLB and have proven to be very beatable. With 3 straight very winable games ahead this could be the start of a huge streak that outs the Sox in the top 3 of the division with hope of grabbing at least the second wild card spot. If this doesn’t pan out, come August 1st this team could end up looking very different. So fingers crossed Bobby V’s crew shows up and they do their job.

IN OTHER NEWS: The Red Sox released Marlon Byrd the other day. It surprises me that they would let him go for nothing, or at least leave him in Pawtucket for outfield depth. I enjoyed having him here and I wish him the best (unless he signs with the Yankees.)

The Red Sox are close to signing Taiwanese shortstop Tzu-Wei Lin. He’s 18, but I guess he’s worth more than $2 million, because that’s what he’s getting paid. I hope this signing proves to be worthwhile because I’m skeptical for now.

Winning For the First Time

For the first time this year the Boston Red Sox have had a winning record. They may still be in last, but they’re only a 1/2 game from fourth and if the score of the Yankee game holds they’ll be a game behind the Yankees for third in the division. The Sox have been playing really well lately and if it keeps up they could be in first very soon. Today to get over the .500 they had to take down Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers. I’ll be honest I didn’t have much faith, especially with Bard starting, but they pulled it out with a 6-3 victory knocking out Verlander after just 6 innings. Bard pitched decently, he went 5 1/3 giving up 2 runs on 5 hits. He didn’t dominate, but he got the job done. Even though he was able to pick up his 5th win (4th as a starter) I’m still not in love with him as a starter, as I’ve mentioned before. I guess I’m warming up to him a little because he’s winning, but I still turn into a head vase when I watch him pitch. All in all the game was good, Nava had a great AB every time he stepped in the box, Papi was huge, and the bottom of the lineup contributed some key hits as well.
Now that I’m done recapping the game I’d like to talk about my absence from the blog. It  was just pure laziness in case you wanted to know. Now to prevent that I’m setting up a schedule almost to keep me on track a little bit. Every Sunday I will preview the week ahead for the Sox, on Thursdays I will write an opionion article, and lastly I’m going to some kind of rant where I’ll  usually just complain about what’s wrong with the team, but offer no real solution. I don’t have a date set for those, but any ideas would be welcome in the comments below or on twitter @thebestsoxblog. So that’s pretty much it. Good night  and thank you for wasting your time on my blog.

Slow Start

At this moment it feels like the end of world in Red Sox Nation, but with 151 games left that’s hardly the case. It’s not too surprising the Sox have got off to such a slow start. With the exception of Toronto they’ve only played playoff teams’ and Toronto could be headed there this year. I do realize that even with the schedule so far most expected more, but with pitching problems left and right it doesn’t appear that it’ll be resloved quickly. So far my top starter is Felix Doubront, because he hasn’t had a bad outing yet. And the pen isn’t anything special either as Mark Melancon has been nothing short of a disaster and Aceves has struggled so far. Vincete Padilla is the only guy whose shown some level of consistency out of the pen. I think at this point things can only get better, but they need guys to perform how they’ve performed throughout their careers. Any hitting problems will fix themselves, at this all we need to do is fix the pitching.

Here We Go

The Red Sox got their first win in their fourth try. It was a painful first three games, but tonight is great night. I give all the credit to Sergio Santos. His wild pitching put the Sox back into it. He may of got the loss, but he gets the win in book, because without him the game might not of been won. I do have to give a lot of credit to Felix Doubront though. He only made it through 5 innings, but only allowing 2 runs on 4 hits. For his first start in over a year it wasn’t bad at all, at times he was even dominate. Scott Atchison was near perfect as well. He went 3 innings allowing just 1 hit and got 3 K’s. And lastly Alfredo Aceves not only got his first save, but his first out in his third apperance of the year. Also Dustin Pedoria led the offense with a homer and the rally starting double in the ninth. Tonight although frustrating at times was a great night.

Sox Sign Carlson

Today it was annoucced that the Boston Red Sox signed Jesse Carlson. Carlson is a left handed reliever whose spent all of his career with the Toronto Blue Jays. He’s coming off rotator cuff surgery and he hasn’t pitched since 2010. I don’t really understand the move. He’s not needed and he’s not healthy. He might not even make the roster and I doubt he will. So far Cherington hasn’t impressed me with anything he’s done.